Who: I am Fache Desrochers. Hello, hello!

What: I paint paintings, draw drawings, embroider wearables, and have a camera with a self-timer. I also illustrate children’s books and create whimsical wall art at my kid-sister site littlehowl. In addition to the work here, I am available for commissions, design projects, licensing agreements, and editorial work of all types.

When: I have been drawing and painting as far back as my memory reaches. I am 100% self-taught.

Where: I make my home in California.

Why: When an artist makes something, this is good because creation and the application of all skill is honorable. But when someone sees artwork and connects to it, this is holy because that is more than just communication; it’s communion. That flash of understanding that passes between artist and observer via the artwork is the most mysterious, beautiful, and exciting thing I have ever discovered in a world full of mysterious, beautiful, exciting things. I make art in pursuit of that flash (also, there are just a lot of fun things to draw).

Things I like: new pens, sharp knives, cream, eggshell/ceramic textures, fan paintbrushes, leather, bergamot, cardamom, cello music, radishes.

Things I don’t like: too many sunny days in a row, that pink soap in gas station bathrooms, carpet, video chatting, new car smell, cake pops.

Find me and my day-to-day on instagram.